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I am always eager to meet dedicated students of the guitar. Most of the people I have success with are either performing guitarists or younger students considering admission to music school.

Lessons are taught in East Taghkanic, NY which is located in southern Columbia County.

Please contact me by email or at 518 851 9015 for lesson availability or for a more complete outline of my guitar curriculum, including recommended texts and listening assignments.

Jazz lessons focus on:

  • The basis of harmony in jazz standards
  • Elementary knowledge of the piano keyboard to facilitate scale and chord relationships that may not be obvious from the guitar fretboard
  • Reducing chord changes to their common key centers
  • Guidelines for compositional soloing
  • Sight reading on the guitar – it seems harder because it is – Subtitle: tablature will rot your mind
  • Quartal vs. triadic harmony
  • The metronome is your best and most swinging friend
  • Efficient practicing techniques

Classical lessons focus on technique and repertoire, including

  • PAMI Scales – a multi-purpose exercise
  • The Beautiful Sound Exercise – Courtesy of Jonathan Trotta
  • Tension and release in interpretation
  • Performance anxiety and developing a constructive focus
Dan Rothstein
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