Dan Rothstein Round Midnight
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Round Midnight
Guitar Verité
CD Cover
  1. Prelude
  2. Allemande
  3. Courante
4. Estudio I
  5. Estudio V
  6. Estudio XI
  7. Estudio XII
  8. Estudio VI
  9. Julia Florida
10. Allegro Solemne
11. Autumn in New York
  12. Blue Monk
  13. Londonderry Aire



From David Riley’s profile in the Columbia Independent:

“ On Guitar Verité, Rothstein’s flexibility as a musician shines through. He moves deftly from meticulously notated classical compositions into the looser confines of Thelonious Monk, in which Rothstein improvises liberally on phrases from Charlie Parker and other jazz artists he recalls as some of his greatest influences. The transitions are not jarring; they are handled smoothly, bridging genres that are too often considered totally separate”

From J Hunter’s Albany Jazz review of Dan’s work on Swings Both Ways:

“Rothstein’s guitar was a quiet driver who doesn’t need a wingman, and his subtle sub-references brought a giggle and a gasp to a satisfying performance.”

Dan Rothstein
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